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The people who materialize the ideas

Our talented and creative team is made up of 10 designers and architects from different backgrounds and nationalities, who are an irreplaceable part of Architecture and Design. Their ideas drive the direction of our company and ensure that there is a unique approach to each of our projects. Read on to learn more about some of our great team members and their specialties.

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Xavier Alexandro Romero Solis


Director designer and designer of Art Architecture and Design

 Architect graduated from the University of Guadalaja (University Center for Art, Architecture and Design. CUAAD UDG), passionate about art, architecture and design where he concluded  mis I studied in 2016 and I started my first step for creation in architecture and design projects where work became part of my hobbies, because I always considered it as my best hobby since I am in favor with the environment that surrounds architecture, I define myself as a  proactive leadership person, where my main function is to carry out the operations and responsibilities that are in my charge, managing to optimize them, speeding up times in the best possible way, I have been fortunate to participate in various architectural projects as I will describe below in my portfolio, houses from social interest to residential houses, departments ents, hotels, offices, restaurants, hospitals etc.

 I like teamwork with a high sense of responsibility, creativity, leadership with a fraternal commitment, projecting ideas for their maximum benefits, as my principle is function accompanied by good design.

My motto is

¨ Dream, Imagine and Materialize.¨

Architectural Designer and Planner 


Eduardo Guadalupe Madero Salcido 

Eduardo is in charge of collaborating in the design of the architecture and design studio in conjunction with the team to establish priorities and assign tasks and resources for Architecture and Design projects, working expertly on their tasks and resources. Architecture and Design would not be the same without the Archtecto.
Executor in Residence of work for Anteus and interior consultant at Casa Colomos. Designer at Cahero Development 
Partner and collaborator of Innovation and Urban Disruption Culture. 


Degree in Architecture and Design 

Architect designer

Alexix Arquitecto_edited_edited_edited.j

Ricardo Alexis Rocha Rodríguez 

Project manager

Bachelor's student in Architectural Engineering from the Univa campus,  projector at the ps arquitectos office, experience in 3D modeling and exterior and interior renderings, certified in interceramic workshop, Architect with vision of the project to be developed, artistic sensitivity creative to design spaces for human development, passion for architecture to project as a team, design, plan and build architectural spaces under sustainable development, both aesthetic and functional, professional to project and make many people's dreams come true.

Architect designer

Miguel Arquitecto_edited_edited.jpg

Miguel Ángel Peña Álvarez 

Project manager

My vision of architecture is the art of solving current and future social needs through the projection and construction of dynamic and accessible spaces. Adapting to the needs of users to po be able to provide you with the best design, looking for comfort, functionality, aesthetics and sustainability.ility.


Degree in Architectural Engineering - UNIVA 

Interceramic Workshop Certificate. 


Designer and renderer at Ps Arquitectos 

Design of 2D plans and 3D models (AutoCAD, Revit, Sketch Up, Lumion) 

Apartment design, Playa del Carmen 

Mansion remodeling, Guadalajara 

Interior design medical office, Manzanillo. 

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